Friday, 11 September 2015

Employee Engagement? Appreciated Employees could be an Answer


Employee engagement and happiness

Employee engagement seems to be a hot topic nowadays and has been for the past few years. Why is it so important? I think we can all agree on one thing. Having an engaged and relatively happy workforce very much equals with better efficiency and productivity, which can improve your business and give your company a competitive advantage to outperform your competition. That is why it is vital to know and understand what employees around the world actually want and care about in their job, what are the key factors they value.

According to the Boston Consulting Group’s survey, the No.1 factor for employee happiness is surprisingly not compensation, but to be appreciated for their work. If you look at the results you will see that alongside the appreciation for someone’s work the work environment itself plays an important role. Working in a good environment can boost your employees’ performance, drive their level of passion, motivation and commitment. But for now let’s get back to appreciation.

Let’s see some benefits of appreciated employees.

- It can be a catalyst that can cause a positive impact on your company’s work culture. It can create an environment where the workforce actually wants to work and wants to make a difference on their colleagues and in the business itself.

- If your employees are happy and feel that their work is appreciated they become more productive and effective, they will put in more effort in what they do with more enthusiasm. There is a good chance they stay longer in your business reducing the turnover of staff which affects the costs and morale.

Everyone wants to be or feel appreciated, it is part of human nature. We all want to be valued. It is encouraging, reassuring and gives us a positive kick. This “need” is the same in our everyday lives as well as in our professional lives. Appreciation confirms to your employees that the work they do and the effort they put in it is valued. It’s kind of an achievement for a job well done, which can keep them enthusiastic, driven and engaged. Gives them a push to keep up the quality of the work they are doing. This can all help and improve the chances of keeping your organization’s competitive edge. After all this is what most companies want, engaging and retaining their talent and constantly improve the business.

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