Friday, 11 September 2015


An average job interview has a typical structure. It consists of usual things: greeting, introduction, getting to know the candidate’s job experience, personality, motivation. Then comes the presentation of the workplace and the job and finally the questions of candidate. Similar to fashion, job interviews also have their latest styles that change rapidly.
Here I collected the latest job interview trends that HR managers utilize in 2015 and supposedly almost all of them will remain useful in 2016 too.

Situational job interviews or behaviour-based interviewing: It is not a new form of interviewing, but it is very popular nowadays. It means you ask applicants to tell a story or a situation when they managed to handle an angry customer or solved a difficulty in their previous job. It helps you get to know your candidates’s experiences, their ability to solve problems and it helps you see whether the candidate is a fit to the organization’s culture.

Group interviews: There is a type when more applicants are on the interview in the same time.  This makes it easier to compare the candidates with each other. The most important thing by this type to handle everybody equally.

Panel interviews: The candidate does not sit in front of only the recruiter. He or she has to face multiple interviewers. Generally all relevant departments represent themselves between the panel members. In the same time a group of staff members ask the candidate. All members can ask relevant questions and with this type of interview we can reduce the chance to hire an inappropriate person.

Video interviews: It is more and more popular nowadays, because it is comfortable for both sides. The candidates do not have to go anywhere, just sit in front of their computer. The recruiter and the candidate can see each other via camera.

Surprise on-the-spot interviewing: It appeared with the spread of the mobile recruitment.  When somebody sends his or her CV, you call him or her immediately. In this case you surprise your candidate. They could not prepare. You can discover how they perform in an unexpected situation.

Freaky questions:  If you want to get to know the candidate’s personality in tricky ways, you just ask one of these questions: "What's your favourite Disney Princess?", or „Who would win in a fight between Spiderman and Batman?" or "What would you do if you were the one survivor in a plane crash?"

Presentation interviews: Applicants prepare a presentation in advance or do one on the spot. With this task you can know the appropriate capabilities of the contestants. You know their presentational talent and their knowledge in the presented topic.

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