Friday, 24 July 2015


Robots are one of the most interesting and dangerous gadgets in the work’s future. Nowadays, more and more robots exist that we can use in different part of the work.  Human Resources management is not an exception, it this process.
What is the robot recruiter? First of all we do not have to think about a real robot body. The robot recruiter is a clever software that can store and use lots of data and make hiring decisions. It can select the best candidates for vacancies on the basis of the database. You only have to type what you need and it finds the best option.

From this definition, it seems to be a very great tool, but before you lay off your HR department to replace them with robots, read these several advantages and disadvantages of the robot recruiter.


  1.  The software can spot things that human eyes cannot notice and eliminates human mistakes.
  2.   It does not have biases which cannot be eliminated with human colleagues, because it works only from the given data set.
  3.   It saves time because a robot is faster and more precise than a human recruiter.  You can save time for more important tasks.
  4.   It eases the recruiter’s work with the uncounted data and document with more efficiency. If you hate chronicle, it does instead of you.
  5.  It saves money because it can replace an assistant. It can work instead of a person and you do not have to pay for one plus worker. 

  1. These robots still cannot operate alone. You need a human to manage and operate it.
  2.  You have to use it precisely and carefully. Because if you type in wrong data or conditions, it will not search the right candidate.
  3.  Nowadays software products cannot translate emotional data. It does not have insights like a human. It can work only with statistics.
  4.  One of the other articles on this blog about generation ‘Z’ has said: this new future generation prefers traditional methods of communication that you cannot do with a robot.
  5.  And there are always people who will be smarter than the robot and they will try to hack them.

So these recruiter robots can ease and improve the human recruiter work, but we have to take care of the control. It is better if the human operates the robots.

Now in the 21st century, we are standing on the edge of a new economic era that among others includes robots, artificial intelligence and very smart tools.

The real question here: do these fresh working robots ease our work or just about to steal our jobs? Probably future is going to give us answers to this question, the only tricky part here is to use the change to our advantage.

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