Tuesday, 14 April 2015



The EU countries are finding new supply routes for gas and reviving nuclear power like that EU doesn’t have to depend on world powers. One of the priorities of Europe’s targets should be to increase the ambition on energy saving and renewable share. 

Several countries are looking to sustainable economies by means of renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable development. The final goal is to create a system based on 100% renewable energy. This renewable energy include wind, biomass, hydro power, solar power, geothermal and ocean power. This is the alternative of fossil fuels.
Today’s announcements are that major economies are changing from dirty fossil fuels and replace them for clean renewable energies. This is necessary to keep global warming below 2 Degrees C and to ensure that vulnerable populations inside and outside Europe are safe from the damage of climate change.

This is the most important challenge that is face in the 21st century. After such a transitional period it is expected to cover most, if not all, of the world’s energy production in 50 years according to a 2011 projection by the International Energy Agency. 

The younger generation that live Europe on a daily basis, are having a better education and training for the new opportunities of this new European transition that is the Erasmus Program that is concerning to be the future of our planet earth.

‘Super grid’ is the term for the future electricity system that will cover Europe. In 2020 European climate and energy package has been delivery across the continent, and has a rapid price digression in both wind and solar technologies. Wind power has dropped by 45% and solar PV by 80% over the period since the 2020 package was adopted.

The 2030 energy and climate package also say to the EU to reduce the gas emissions at least 40% from 1990 levels, just to start the process and it have a objective of reduce 80-95% by 2050. Considering Europe’s current fuel mix, this change require a big change to Europe’s generation portfolio, most in coal, oil and gas. The development of the Super-grid can begin today!

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