Monday, 9 November 2015


There are several articles to be found about Generation Z as they are the current generation that has entered the workforce. What they are like, what their expectations are, how they want to work etc. There is a common ideology between these articles. If companies want to attract and retain Gen Z employees they will have to consider Gen Z’s key values and come up with a new HR strategy tailored to meet their needs. Key values like the opportunity to grow and learn, job variety, challenging work, individuality, creativity, connectivity, work-life balance.  

This generation has grown up with instant information, Internet, technology being able to them 24/7. They are more tech-savvy than any other generation has ever been and they strongly believe that technology and being connected can help them accomplish their goals. HR should leverage social platforms and technology to engage with them and create a work environment that will attract this group of professionals.

Being tech-savvy is one thing, communication is another matter for Gen Z. This generation prefers and demands face-to-face interactions although it can be a challenge for them as they tend to be more informal and less confident when it comes to communication with colleagues or supervisors. The lack of their interpersonal communication skills can be improved by a change of approach from the management.

Gen Z has a highly entrepreneurial spirit and an independent mindset making them incredibly creative, productive and energetic. To keep them feeling satisfied in their roles they need to feel that there is an opportunity to growth and that they have a meaningful job that can make an impact on the world around them. Given their individualism they work better in a small group or on their own. Providing them challenging tasks where they can use their creativity and innovative ideas can keep them motivated for longer. They need to be given responsibilities and a clear purpose of each project given to them. They are solution-focused and will work very hard as they are determined to succeed but they expect constant feedback, recognition and acknowledgment for the work they do.

Companies should become more flexible and agile. They will soon all realize that a different approach to mechanisms and policies within the company is needed as employee expectations and demands are changing with each generation. There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy.  Organisations should keep in mind that each generation has their own set of skills, cultural norms and expectations so they need to create an environment where different generations and talent can work together towards a common goal.

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