Monday, 5 October 2015


Continuing the outsourcing topic, let’s see what factors you should consider when choosing an outsourcing business partner.

First the process, service or product needs to be determined that your organization want outsourced and the goals you want to reach through outsourcing. Once it’s done you can start looking for the ideal business partner that meets your criteria best, which can result in a beneficial partnership.
Finding the right external vendor can be challenging and it may take some time but a carefully made decision can minimize any delays or problems that may occur later. The chosen outsourcing business partner should be reliable and have strong core values. Qualities like efficiency, integrity, expertise, and great communication skills. Working with a well-selected service provider can result in saving money and time, enhanced speed to market and product value, streamlined business processes, increased net worth and growth for your organization etc. It can give your business a competitive edge.

Here are some key factors to be considered

  1. Track record and references: Ask for references. Check if the potential outsourcing partner has proven track record of different types of projects that they have successfully completed. Find out more about their expertise and experience in the services you want outsourced to see if they are suited for your business needs.  
  2. Service quality: Check if your prospect has a quality assurance system and what kind of service level agreement they are offering.
  3. Communication - Language and cultural compatibilities: Good communication results in a better outsourcing relationship. Make sure that your partner is available and easily accessible 24/7 any day of the year. Time zone differences and distance can cause difficulties in control. Ensure that you and your vendor speak the same language and are culturally compatible. Language barriers and different corporate culture can also result in problems.
  4. Data protection, security: Ensure that security and confidentiality of your data is well-maintained. This is crucial if you don’t want data leakage or breaches to happen.
  5. Skilled resources: Reliable outsourcing business partners have experts on their team with the right skills and qualifications. They would work on your projects with the help of the latest technologies provided resulting in error-free solutions and efficiency.


There are many other factors to be looked out for (e.g.: affordable costs, pricing, flexibility, free trials etc.), these were just some of them pointing out the importance of a well-thought-out and carefully made decision. Choosing an outsourcing partner is not a process to be rushed if your company wants to end up with the best vendor that meets your requirements and service level. Outsourcing to the right service provider can save you time and cost, increase revenue and enhance productivity among many other advantages.

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