Friday, 30 October 2015


Social recruitment is not a new thing and it is a widely used method for recruiters and HR professionals for finding potential candidates. Of course traditional methods like posting job adverts on online job boards are still necessary but with the ever-growing number of social network users it is less effective and successful.

Companies not only use the 3 main social networks -Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn- but some of them have also started using Instagram and other social media platforms/networks. Social recruiting can be very beneficial. It enables companies to collect data from these sites, seek out potential employees, get recommendations and it is provides cost efficiency.

3 tips for efficient social recruitment

#1 - Have a focused approach to using social media platforms
Decide which platform/platforms you want to use depending on the ideal candidates you want to target. Facebook is the largest social network and recruiting through this channel can be very successful if you consider the average age of its users worldwide. The younger generation is growing up on Facebook and it’s kind of a go-to guide for everything they are looking for. LinkedIn targets the working professionals, mainly the ones with experience and degrees.
#2 - Think of recruiting as marketing
Sell the company, sell the job. Make it into an experience for candidates rather than a process. Attract talent towards your company and engage them. Create and share meaningful and great content to make the candidates want to look at the job opportunities and apply to them.
#3 - Optimized website and application system
Make sure your company’s website has a simple, straightforward, informative and accessible application system. Consider supporting mobile access and tablet users if you haven’t already as there is an increasing number of people using these devices to surf on the web. This wold make it easier for candidates to apply on the go.

There are of course plenty of other things to consider when it comes to effective social recruiting, these were just a few pointers/examples of what can be done to help the process.

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