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Leaders and managers lead off to believe in Human Resources Management as it has more and more important role in the life of a company. As time changes the role of HRM changes and separates. Nowadays it is more important to build HR in the strategy of the company, because if you can build upon a strong, smart and responsible employee basis, you can ease your and your company’s life. Your company can forge ahead more efficiently in the more and more increasing competition. That is why the Human Resources Business Partner’s (HRBP’s) role appears in more and more enterprises. 

How this role was born? If you learn or learnt HR, I am sure you have already heard about the David Ulrich’s Model. Ulrich shared the roles of HR in four different categories. He revealed, that tasks have either process or people focus and either strategic or operational focus. He created the following four categories: Strategic Partner, Administrative Expert, Change Agent and Employee Champion. ( Picture 1) Ulrich thought HR Business Partner, who focuses procession and strategy, is a part of a strong and successful modern HR function.

Picture 1

HRBP is a member of the management team. He or she manages and leads a team of HR consultants. HR Business Partner is responsible for internal clients, their needs and duties. The partner boosts a valuable relationship with internal clients and transfers requests to the business unit. He or she supports internal clients in achieving their business goals and actively supports discussions and transfers of best practices from different functions in the organization. He or she manages the HR related internal and external communication and leads change management projects for internal clients and Human Resources. The partner helps developing better people management practises and acts as facilitator for the management team.

HR business partnering is becoming more and more significant within a company. The role of the HR business partner is more and more important because he or she is the person who connects the HR department to the other departments. In the future the companies will concentrate on greater cooperation between departments and want to become more people-focused, that is why we need to know this new ambitious scope of activities.

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