Wednesday, 19 August 2015


The relationship between the employee and the employer is very important in a company’s life. It can determine the morale, the behaviour and the performance of the workers. If it does not work well, workers will feel themselves uncomfortable. It can encumber the communication and the work between the bosses and the workers. One of the key factors who can improve this relationship is HR manager.

Why is reducing the gap good for the company? It has motivational effort, it is good for the reputation of the company, it can increase the efficiency, the quality of the work and the amount of the profit.

How can HR managers make this relation better? Here are some tips that they can use.

1. Organize events. You can make the employees and employers come closer, if you create a platform where they can get to know each other and are able to talk. For example, you can organize social events like a picnic, a BBQ, a sport Meetup or hold a Hug Your Boss Day.  A training or a team building in which the top executives take part too can be a good idea.  
2. Improve the communication. If you want to develop the relationship between the chiefs and employees, you can improve the communication. You should reach that they can communicate openly and the employers share the important information with their staff. Ask the bosses to hold regular meetings, use languages that everybody understands and pay attention to spread the information for every employee.

3. Encourage the honest, respectful and trustful behaviour. It is essential from both sides. Promote everyone to be friendly and say “please” and “thank you”. Encourage the employer to trust their employees and talk with them honestly. In exchange, they will be frankly too and will appreciate the truthfulness.

4. Require working closely. If the managers work together with their staff, it can make the performance better. They can make decisions that everybody can accept. In the course of the mutual job the managers can explain their expectations better, correct the mistakes faster. The employees can do their job better and tell the managers their problems easier.

5. Motivate both sides. Drive the employers to motivate their employees. For instance entrust them to creative tasks, allow them to take part in decisions or give them chance to win free picnic or massage. And motivate both sides to give feedback. Feedback makes the situations transparent and tells which part of the work is good and problematical. Try to find out together how to improve the bad parts, this can be a great tool to reduce the gap between the two sides.

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