Friday, 31 July 2015


If your answer is no, it is the time.

From 2010 a new generation is being born, they are the Generation Alpha, following the generation Z.  In this blog you could already read about the generation Z, but now let’s focus on the new generation.  

Everybody who was born after 2010 and will be born in the next 15 years belongs to Generation Alpha.  Why are they called Alpha, if the former generations (gen X, Y, Z) were named after the Latin ABC? Award-winning Australian social researcher MarkMcCrindle, who deals with social generations, said the sociologists had run out of the Latin alphabet and continued on the Greek, because lots of branches of science utilize this one.

So if you think it over a bit, the eldest members of the Alpha Generation are 5 years old. They will enter the labor market in 15 years.  It is not so much time. At that time we (Generation Y, Z) will still be at the labor market and we will have to cooperate with them.

Every generation has different kinds of features that are good to know if you want to employ them or work with them.  You can be especially curious about it, if you work in the territory of Human Resources. Sociologists and scientists do not know much about this generation yet, but I collected some predictions that they outlined so far.

Alpha Generation will… 

  • …be the most tech-savvy generation ever. They are born with technology in their hand. Smartphone, Tablet and the latest devices will be the part of their life.
  • …be more impressed by the images and the videos than the written and the verbal.
  • …be lonelier, despite of the wide range of telecommunication gadgets and social networking.
  • …mainly use their mobile phone contrary to their PC and laptop.
  • …start school earlier and study at the highest level.
  • …study easier and cheaper because of the online course opportunities.
  • …live approximately up to 90 years of age.
  • …live with parents at home until their late twenties.
  • …be the most ambitious, self-supporting people and they will be well prepared for challenges.
  • …be better at combining work with family. Women will give birth in their earlier age than now.
  • …the most transformational, because they have to cope with and solve big and important issues like environmental pollution.
  • …be richer and healthier.

It is good to memorize these attributions of Gen Alpha, if we would like to ease our future life. In the labor market sooner or later we have to adapt to the new needs of the new generation, if we want to reach out to them and develop together.

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