Tuesday, 9 June 2015


The eternal question everyone asks in their companies, mainly in the HR department.

There are diverse opinions in the industry; from technology not being forward thinking enough and companies not investing in creating useful tools for HR, up to technology taking too big of a role in companies and killing creativity in work places and people.

There was a big recession in the evolution of technology for HR between 1990s and 2000s when big companies as IBM, SAP or Oracle bought over the small leading companies offering HR Technology services. in the past few years we've seen some HR tech start-ups come into the market and have had fast growth. Examples of it are Workday and Success Factors. Experts consider that without real competition, these companies are not able to bring across  as much creativity and innovation as needed into the field.

Let’s get back to the debate between Technology being beneficial or disruptive for HR processes.

On one hand, the Information Service Group (ISG) compiles an HR and Technology report every year. This years HR Technology & Service Delivery Trends Report we can conclude that SaaS is the future of Human Capital Management even if corporates are a still bit reticent about the idea.  The fact that the actual Human Resources Management System is obsolete is evident from the report results. All the actual companies working on developing the tools like Workday, Oracle HCM Cloud, ADP Vantage, Ceridian and some other are using SaaS as the way to facilitate their services to corporate.
As mentioned before some of the corporate are not convinced about the use of SaaS.  Their top concerns are security and data privacy, inability to customize and the ability to retain configuration resources in a hot market for experienced talent. Security is a persistent concern with any SaaS and cloud services. One solution for a safer choice and peace of mind is to hire external auditors to run an analysis of standards and frameworks and provide a certification of safety.

On the other hand, experts ensure that technology has mismanaged all areas of talent management. Not only automating processes and dehumanizing them, but also breaking career paths and changing the approach to working. With the disappearance of middle management positions, junior employees no longer have a career line to follow and therefore, do not see a clear progress structure within the company. Online recruitment services and websites such as Kickstarter., is the core  reason behind the disappearance of this job Consequently, companies will have to consider how to manage their employees through that missing layer.

Nevertheless, professionals agree that there is one thing technology can't  do for humans and it is creativity. Organizations will have to focus on creating the space for their employees to explore and develop their creativity away from their phones, emails and screens. The challenge is to find “how” to find the way because arguably today's jobs are not designed to empower creativity in employees.
Concluding I would suggest corporate and their HR departments to find a balance between both sides. They should aim at pushing HR Tech start-ups to produce creative and useful HR tools and commit to foster clear career progression for their employees and empower their creativity.

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