Wednesday, 6 May 2015


In recent years, global pharmaceutical industry have been facing a number of financial challenges. This situation encourages drug companies to pursue a more efficient and cost-effective way to operate their business. Outsourcing is believed to be the solution for global pharma companies, and has become a trend in low-cost growing markets, such as India and China.

Most emerging markets are attractive to global drug companies, since they possess a large talent pool with competitive knowledge and skills, yet only cost a reasonable wage compared to Western labor. Additionally, outsourcing to developing countries helps to market the medicines and widen the companies’ target customers.

It is a great challenge to successfully manage the outsourcing relationship and create value. To achieve this goal, global drug companies are constantly looking for partnership with desired local organizations in developing region, where high-cost research and production can be done for a much lower cost. The idea is to have global drug companies as technology and market providers, while outsource partners create innovative products. Outsourcing solves the financial challenges and allows pharma firms to exploit the potential of the latest technologies.

Despite outsourcing to developing countries, Pharma companies still need to fulfill their home countries’ demands and standards. They are rapidly investing and building their development facilities in those countries. Therefore, partner countries also benefit from this outsourcing relationship and are gradually rising as potential competitors. For instance, China and India have become prominent actors in global pharmaceutical outsourcing area.  The two countries possess different features and characteristics, yet both provide high quality service at low cost, which is extremely attractive to major Pharma firms.

Outsourcing has proved to be a successful and efficient way to operate research, production and marketing. Nowadays most big Pharma companies have been outsourcing to emerging markets, especially in Asia. Therefore, it is proper to state that outsourcing is playing a significant role to move the whole pharmaceutical industry forward. 


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